My first time Paddle Boarding

As you can already tell from the photos below, I am most definitely a beginner. I was trepidatious at first even attempting the Paddle board as it doesn't look robust enough for human bodyweight! I was not dressed for the occasion, I assumed I would sit on the paddle board possibly on dry land and record videos for my friend Savannahs comedic videos she will be uploading soon on social media, (the things I do for my friends). 
Diana was the first on the paddle board, Savannah second and I was last. Once I sat on the paddle board overlooking Diana and Savannah paddling about enjoying themselves comfortably, I felt it couldn't be as difficult as i'd imagined.

It was a fun experience for me, maybe if I had toppled the board over my views may have been different. I must say It was also a great bonding session for us ladies, we mucked around having fun. Luckily Savannah had brought her phone to record and take photos as I would have no photos. Noway I would risk loosing any valuables in that green mucky water. I highly doubt you could open your eyes in that water! 

Getting to the location was a trek and a half! Walking up and down hills, it was tiring. Then paddle boarding was a work out in itself, working the arms and screaming worried about toppling over, getting stuck in bushes with rare looking flies and insects which scared the life out of me. 

We ended the day in my favourite bar in Beziers, where we all drank 'the Monaco cocktail' Which I was introduced to on this trip by Savannah. I think I drank this everyday. it's light and refreshing, consists of Beer, syrups and lemonade. 

I'm glad I copied the girls and wore trainers or else I do not know how I would have managed on our trek! Good thing Diana brought my trainers!!

Xx G

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