Live poor be happy + Flower Markets

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I was told something that melted my heart...

"In the city of Beziers, with 10 euros you are able to buy enough healthy groceries for a family for a week, if not more. There are also many events/concerts each week open to the public with free entry."

It was a heartfelt experience observing those in the market, as even though the traders are trying to make a living themselves, they seem to help one another and sometimes not making any profit at all due to kindness. I noticed that Market traders are immensely generous, they would encourage locals to accept crates of vegetables at unbelievably low costs or even gift people vegetables and fruits for free just before they start packing up for the day.

Though I noticed some of the locals didn't have much, they seemed happy. Friendly natured with smiles on their faces! It could be something to do with the beautiful weather of 40 degrees or just a beautiful community.

I find beauty in most things, but this city is tremendously beautiful thanks to the lovely souls (and the newly built attractions of course) 

Xx G

BTW - I have more video footage in the food market than photos! So will post on YouTube Vlog soon

beziers flower market + south of france + style .jpg
beziers flower market + south of france + food market + hair up ponytail + tifanny sunflasses tortoishell + prada bag + happy .jpg
beziers flower market + south of france + vegetables + food + life.jpg
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