A special beautiful lake

That day, was magical. My friend Guillaume (A guy I had met through a friend) drove me an hour away from Beziers where I was staying, to this remote lake which seemed popular with the locals. 
To get there, he parked on a hill overlooking such beautiful scenery of the lake below us, it was a dream. Nature at it's finest, locals, millennials jumping off cliffs into the depths of the water. I couldn't wait to get in the lake! We then had to walk, or should I say stumble down the ridiculously narrow pathway down the hill filled with bushes, wildlife and stinging nettles. I was petrified at Guillaume falling as I was depending on his strength while I clutched onto him. I was confused at how popular this place was with such a peculiar entrance. Though, apparently the area is not supposed to be used, but most locals go there anyway. 

When we finally reached the bottom leading onto the lake, I was stunned, impressed and grateful to see such a beautiful place I had never known existed. I thanked Guillaume over and over for showing me somewhere which is now one of the most beautiful places   i'd ever seen. You have to see with your own eyes. 

There, you see families sunbathing on large rocks, cute couples walking in the water happy. 
I was not dressed accordingly. It was a last minute decision, I didn't think i'd be swimming that day. So yes, I dipped my toes in, then my legs... and yes my £600 Isabel marant skirt was soaked, I felt it was ridiculous me in the water getting my brand new skirt wet. I just wanted to strip down to my thong and just swim! But of course Guillaume was watching my every move, there was noway I was stripping naked, or even inappropriately half naked infront of him! 

It was the best day that week. We sat there for like 5/6 hours just chilling and playing games... talking etc. It was nice!

I want to do it again! 

Xx G

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gigi rio