Having big boobs | thoughts on surgery

Read this, I bet you could probably relate. 

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My mother will probably tell me off for posting such a photo publicly, (but now you can see what I'm really working with) there's a reason for this post... Read on it gets better I promise! I love my boobs, I remember as a child I would stuff my bra with tissue paper and stand in the mirror and pray to God for big boobs. Funnily enough by 12 years old I was the girl in school with the big boobs! Hated by teachers of course, for my short skirt, shirt out and not tucked in, showing cleavage with my tie wide and shortened. The boys at school called me G- unit and wrote it on my tie. I still have it somewhere. 

I enjoyed the attention, but I wasn't stupid enough to allow anyone to see it personally. Growing up I received a lot of jealousy from girls, them feeling intimidated and offended especially if I showed cleavage, to me I never looked at other girls boobs and judged, I never noticed or commented if a friend of mine were flat chested, it would never be on my mind.

For instance, I had a friend who at the beginning was an angel, she was such a good friend and a joy to be around, until I started getting attention from men who were more her type than mine. If it were me, I wouldn't care for men who didn't fancy me and fancied my friend, I'm happy when my friends get attention from guys and even girls! We gossip about it later and laugh at their tenaciousness. However, this friend began to tell me to cover up, asking me before we would meet what i'm wearing and not to wear certain clothing. 
Of course I didn't take anything she said on board. I asked her simply why I would take fashion advice from her? However one evening, we were attending a pub in Chelsea, where she called me before and stated/hinted that she's covering up, I have enough etiquette and intelligence to know how to dress to a pub and especially in chelsea where everyone is casual AF which i've previously written about. That evening, I wore black jeans (as usual) and a black high neck/ polo neck jumper. When I picked her up in my car the girl walked over in the tiniest little dress, sheer at the boob area where you could see her bra and cleavage evidently with knee high boots (I call sket boots, as they look trampy AF) especially with a dress! Yes really taking advice from you?? Anyway, as she was my friend It's not my nature to comment on her appearance, however I felt she told me to cover up on purpose so she could gain attention in her teeny figure hugging, revealing outfit. (I wear outfits for myself, not for attention from anyone. In fact I'm more impressed with myself when my girls compliment me than anything).

The following week we were at a bar, she closed my cardigan to hide my boobs showing, a few days later she begged me to go with her to meet a guy she liked, in front  of him she announced my personal business of which I told her in confidence, I threatened to leave and she apologised profusely and blamed it on her being drunk. Moments after she made an unusual comment and one I found to be obscenly ridiculous. "Men prefer girls with fake boobs rather than real boobs, no guys I know like real boobs" she stated.

I confronted her about her decision to say such and left. I needed a break from her personality, her jealousy! We stopped speaking for months. When we began being friends again she revealed that she had gotten her boobs done (breast augmentation/plastic surgery) When I asked why, she stated that now she can comfortably have sex with guys without feeling insecure. 

I feel that if you are profusely insecure about anything and there is a chance you can change it, do it! If you've dreamt about a surgical procedure for years and it can immensely change your life I believe you should do what makes you happy. And by that I mean you as a person, not worrying about what others want from you.
Men I would never worry about, they should like you for you. Even something you may be insecure about they should find cute/ attractive even genuinely compliment it. 
If they comment negatively they are not for you and you should be strong enough to leave a situation like that and look for positive beings around you who will never comment negatively unless you committed a murder or did something of an evil nature! Never your appearance, If I dyed my hair blue, my other half doesn't have to love it or pretend to like it, he's welcome to give an opinion but not make you feel bad for it, if you genuinely are happy. 
You should make only yourself happy, you come first always. Even though, I'm a people pleaser when it comes to people I love, I still have my own mind and even if I look for advice, I will still always choose my own decision in the end. 

The main purpose of this post, is to remind you whoever is reading to love yourself and try your best not to be jealous of people. Everyone is beautiful in their own way (in the words of my mother).
I read something a while back which was incredibly insightful, "You are so used to your own looks that you forget your beauty that someone may see the first time meeting you"

Even though I love and appreciate having real big boobs, I find that women with small boobs with a curvacious body with hips and a nice bum hot! In this life you can't have everything naturally. 

If you decide to proceed with surgery it's because you want it not because someone told you to, or someone is making you feel insecure. Think about you and what you want, make yourself happy and get rid of negativity, even if you have no friends, it may take time but there are always new friends around the corner, just be active and treat people how you would like to be treated. 

Xx G

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