Channelling Serena Van der woodsen outfit - Style Inspo

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I’m always mixing and matching and putting things together. I have my own style and I love being different from everyone else. However, the stylist on Gossip girl got Serena Vanderwoodsens style so perfect at times he’s a genius! I’ve been looking for her split trousers for a while, I found some but it didn’t fit me well so usually when this happens, I give my clothes away to charity. I don’t like staring at clothes in my closet that I know I’m never going to wear.
Blake lively or should I SAY Serena Vanderwoodsen the characters top looks to be Balmain, i’ve been searching for years for this top and haven’t found even the brand for this. So I created an inspired look.

Shoes - Gucci with Bamboo heel
Jumpsuit - Oh Polly (Embellished keyhole front which is covered by blazer)
Blazer - Zara
Crossbody bag - Burberry

Love it

G x

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