As a child I was moved up a year, as i was too advanced for my year.

Then I moved schools/home. It all went all down hill from there Haha!

i was chris brown obsessed

Chris browns first ever album came out before my 17th Birthday. Of course I received 5 of the same Chris Brown albums as presents. 

I appeared in Dizzie rascal ft calvin harris music video "come and dance with me"

The funniest thing about life is what I saw first hand. 
Calvin Harris was sat alone, quiet. No one went up to him as he was unknown back then. Everyone was all over Dizzie Rascal. 
Considering i'm now writing this a decade from now look how the tables have turned. Every song Calvin harris touches turns to gold because of his talent. He earns over 50 million a year, i'm sure this generation would die to meet him and wouldn't know who Dizzie Rascal is. Funny thing about life! Good thing my friend and I went over to Calvin Harris and had a brief conversation with him for a bit, or else I WOULD HAVE FELT LIKE THE BIGGEST BITCH RIGHT NOW! He was nice and easy to talk to, let's hope he's not changed and is still a humble being. 

I love to run around my house barefoot

Anytime I can, I'll slip off my shoes. Change into a comfy negligee - I'm at my happiest. 

I play music almost daily.

Enjoying life, listening to songs that relate to my mood. especially when getting ready for a night out!

My hobbies are playing Violin,drawing,reading, Netflixing and chilling alone, shopping, exploring this world we live in. Going to what others may call fancy bars.

My main love is hanging out with my family, playing games or going out to dinner or travelling. they are my true best friends.

I have a cocktail named after me at Annabels members club, Mayfair

YES! It's the best thing in the world for me. It's my thing right now.
It's a Passionfruit based cocktail mixed with Cognac and Rum. This cocktail was created for me by a lovely mixologist at Annabels members club who named it
'THE GINA'. So every friend I made there, they would all order 'THE GINA' because of me. Guys weren't too keen. The ladies LOVED IT and became their go to drink. 

When I was a child I was very quiet and hardly spoke. (Believe it or not!)

My mother worried I would end up with no confidence etc (Little did she know I was a little shit untill when it came parents evenings). Anywhoo she enrolled me into Sylvia young theatre school from the age of five where I did it all, ballet, tap, drama, singing. And look at me now I talk too much! But seriously, that was something I trained myself to do for years, I hated being quiet and thinking something instead of saying it, especially if someone was being rude. It took years but i'm very fast with comebacks I don't even need to think. So don't mess with me. You must have watched Big Brother?

I became worldwide famous by accident! Or is the term now Viral?

Yes, who gets famous by accident? There I was blabbing away to a lady that asked a lot of questions. Little did I know she was a journalist! Who contacted me weeks later asking if i'd be interested in doing a spread for a magazine! 
Apparently I had an interesting life and rather unorthodox to most so... A two page spread in THE SUN newspaper and of course THE DAILY MAIL ONLINE. 
'This morning' profusely asked me to appear on their morning show that week and even the next week of which I objected to. I gained a lot of offers, even was papped walking into a club. I didn't like the attention and didn't want anyone targeting me financially. 
I declined work and terminated my contract with the company that got me famous! How stupid am I...
Anyway long story cut short. I had soo many celebrity managers contacting me. One in particular offered me a Reality show deal with the biggest production company in the world! I was headed to LA! However, I was told to become a contestant on Big Brother UK. 
I cried the morning I was set to be put into hiding. I told them I wasn't going. After hours of crying that i'm going to miss mummy and producers persuading me, I packed 3 hours before the car arrived for me! I was so unprepared. Left all of my social media on private, did not think i'd have lasted two weeks on that show. It went so well I ended up a finallist. Coming 3rd. I knew I wouldn't win, as when you're favourite to win for so long, surprises happen. A lot of people lost a lot of money betting on me that night!
Coming out of the Big Brother house was a whirlwind. So much too fast, plus the closest people to me, were the wrong people behind me. I will tell you all the truth about everything someday soon. 

Anyway, I loved my experience. I still cannot believe I did it! 
Yes a lot of offers, some of which I turned down that I still now regret. Yes I had everything I wanted but I needed time to heal. But I think i'm back!
Sorry to most of you who have told me off on Twitter angry i'm not on television anymore. Trust me, there are plenty of reasons. Everything happens for a reason. 

And lastly, a wonderful beautiful soul whose name on Twitter was @Adoring Gina Rio tweeted me a few times asking me to start vlogging.

I had no idea what this Vlog/Vlogging was so I decided to research...
I fell in love! And has since become a passion project of mine. It makes me happy! Thank you Adoring!
My mother and I call you Adoring.
Infact my mother and I talk about all my fans. And love you dearly.


Dan and Callum were my favourites for a long time in the house. Dan, Sophie and I were best friends, rather confusing that they didn't show most of the footage of our relationship. Not sure I could have survived without them. All people got to see was of course what Dexter and I got up to and Sam late in the show. I had fun with everyone at some point, all the finalists grew to love each other. It really should have been Sam, Dexter, Callum ,Dan and Sophie with me in the final xxx